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Everyone's situation is different.

Whether it be by occupation, age, family size,

estate plan or retirement needs,

we are keenly aware of the

unique decisions facing many people.

We work with:

High Net Worth Families 

The family's focus tends to be on managing their estate. Frequently, there is a balance between current needs, planning for family beneficiaries, estate structure, planned giving, and managing tax exposure. Our advice will help inform you to make well educated decisions.

Senior Executives

The senior executive has many concerns on top of those faced by affluent families. The addition of complicated compensation plans including stock, options, retirement accounts, insurance, annuities, and lump sum payouts create a need for more analysis. We have personal experience dealing with all these issues.

Business Owners  

Business owners' wealth management needs typically are directed towards increasing wealth or managing liquidity events generated from the sale of a major investment. We can provide ideas for doing this in a tax efficient manner.


Foundations possess needs similar to that of affluent families. Typically, they have large portfolios, minimal income, and ongoing spending goals. Our firm can be a great help at formalizing potential cash distributions and endowment management.

While different situations require careful consideration and thinking, the ultimate goal is to determine the appropriate portfolio for generating capital gains and income. In addition to traditional accounts, trusteed-IRAs, donor advised funds, and alternative investments may be suggested based on your unique circumstances.  So come tell us your story, and see what we can make possible.

Intrepid. Resolute. Enduring. Determined.

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