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Cash-Flow Planning

What We Can Do For You
  • IRA withdrawal strategies
  • Social Security benefits optimization
  • Budgeting and expense management
  • Income expectations and forecasts
Cash-flow planning is key to creating a quality financial plan. Without a proper cash-flow plan in place, you may be forced to draw on retirement assets, miss out on tax-deferral opportunities, or be forced to limit expenses in such a way that hampers quality of life. By working with us to forecast your income inflows and expense outflows, we can create different scenarios to examine the options available. This provides a solid framework for evaluating your financial plan and is a holistic approach that accounts for your unique personal and financial situation.
Account Withdrawal Strategies
When transitioning between stages of life, it is vital to establish a quality cash-flow plan to prevent drawing down on sources of capital which should not be tapped. In general, the appropriate withdrawal strategy across account types is to draw down after-tax bank accounts and taxable accounts, then to draw down tax-deferred and tax-advantaged accounts, and lastly to draw down tax-free investments such as Roth IRAs.
This tactic may not be appropriate for everyone, so reach out to us today to start a conversation to see how we can assist in your cash-flow planning needs.
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