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Central Markets by Robert Lloyd, CFA

The information contained herein has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but the accuracy of the  information cannot be guaranteed. All opinions and outlooks are subject to change.

  • Robert Lloyd, CFA

The Fed Is Sucking Up Liquidity!

Many of you know that the Federal Reserve has a policy called quantitative easing (QE) where they buy bonds and give cash to the banking system. They are currently buying $120 billion/month to support the financial system.

But, did you know they also take cash (liquidity) OUT of the market also? They have a tool called the "repo window" that allows banks and money market funds to park unwanted cash to the Fed overnight. Recently, overnight repo has exceeded $500 billion. What do you think is going on?

My own view is that this recent spike is a significant change in investor behavior. There appears to be a shortage of short-term debt securities with yields high enough to makes sense buying. This shortage is probably associated with the Treasury department’s requirement to lower its cash balance (the Treasury General Account, or TGA). The “repo” rate offered by the Fed may be the best bid for excess cash in the market. But still, are investors raising cash and parking it someplace safe? Are long term bonds and stocks not a good destination for this cash?

Apparently, not.

Robert Lloyd, CFA®

Chief Investment Officer

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